Feng Shui in the USA | Location 4: Feng Shui Insights into Stanford University

Feng Shui in the USA | Location 4: Feng Shui Insights into Stanford University

Feng Shui in the USA | Location 4: Feng Shui Insights into Stanford University

Have you ever wondered why Stanford University boasts the highest-quality education in the USA? Let's delve into the Feng Shui aspects of Stanford University. Behind the campus lies a large mountain range from the south, enveloping and embracing it from the rear. During our surveys of renowned US universities such as UC Berkeley and the University of California, we noticed a commonality—they are all built on elevated land, surrounded by mountain ranges and facing prominent thoroughfares or large bodies of water. In the case of Stanford University, the rear is shielded by mountains from the south, symbolizing support for academic advancement.

Notably, Stanford University is situated in a valley-like area, slightly elevated at the front, with gently sloping land leading Qi inward towards the main thoroughfare. The campus forms an ideal cross-shaped structure, symbolizing completeness and perfection. To the right, representing the White Tiger, stands a tall clock tower, a crucial area in Feng Shui. Sharply pointed structures, especially positioned on the White Tiger side, are believed to cultivate excellence in medical professions. The precise alignment of these features contributes to Stanford University's reputation for producing outstanding doctors.

When using a compass, every brick and wall in the campus exhibits precise measurements. Consequently, the university is constructed in a favorable environment, with water drainage located at the tomb, providing abundant vitality. This contributes to the university's wealth and prosperity, evident in substantial investments towards enhancing educational services. Therefore, it's no coincidence that Stanford University ranks among the top universities in the USA. Notably, Vietnamese YouTuber Jenny Huynh has even registered for studies here. 





Feng Shui Insights into Stanford University

Above are Feng Shui Insight Into the Stanford University in the USA that you can refer to. We hope these insights will provide you with useful information to apply in Fengshui practice. 

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