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Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong and Tuong Minh Fengshui Academy


As the founder of the Tường Minh Feng Shui Academy, he is also the spiritual leader of the community of those who love Tường Minh Đường Feng Shui. He is a teacher, guiding generations of Feng Shui practitioners in Vietnam, and he is also the first person to bring the knowledge of Da Gua and Liu Pha to Vietnam. Master Phuong is also the only Vietnamese member who is a full member of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

1. Key to success

Nguyen Thanh Phuong was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City in a family where both parents are involved in agricultural research and development. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, he pursued a degree in Agricultural Engineering at Nong Lam University.

When he was a child, he found that he was always fascinated by the mysteries of the abstract sciences and the profound principles governing the universe. His childhood unfolded amidst the shelves of his grandfather's library, who was a feng shui master and herb doctor. Immersed in the volumes of knowledge at his disposal, he ardently pursued the study of feng shui, learning independently from his family's book collection. He spent his leisure time devoted to aiding his grandfather in the application of feng shui and traditional medicine, cementing his passion for these ancient arts.

Similar to countless other graduates, he found himself grappling with the weight of societal and familial expectations as he stepped out of university. Surrounded by skeptics, he faced numerous doubts regarding his desire to pursue the profession of "fortune-telling" and grappled with the complex interplay between superstition and science within the realm of feng shui.

Faced with such circumstances, his thirst for acquiring standardized knowledge grew stronger. He believed that his mission was to bring scientific knowledge of feng shui to Vietnam. In 2007, marked the beginning of his journey as he embarked on his first trip to Taiwan to study feng shui, initiating a voyage of countless miles: a quest to gather knowledge from renowned feng shui masters representing the most prestigious schools worldwide.

2. Journey without end

As a fervent enthusiast of Chinese culture, Nguyen Thanh Phuong devoted himself entirely to delving into ancient Feng Shui schools of thought. He stands as the sole feng shui master in Vietnam, proficient in Qi Men Dun Jia, Bazi, and I - Ching, as well as the Xuan Kong Flying Star, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Liu Pha, and The Three Combinations. Skillfully integrating these diverse disciplines, he provides expert consultation and destiny improvement services. Furthermore, he applies his extensive metaphysical knowledge to advise on projects of all sizes, resulting in remarkable advancements in both fortune and destiny for every home or establishment he has guided over his more than 10 years of feng shui consultancy.

Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong is recognized as the author of 82 published books and over 100 scholarly documents in depth. He is credited with discovering and translating classic Feng Shui works from China to introduce them to Feng Shui enthusiasts in Vietnam. Currently, the Feng Shui library at Tuong Minh Company continues to be updated, aiming to deliver scientific Feng Shui knowledge to readers.

Throughout his global feng shui practice journey, Nguyen Thanh Phuong humbly regards himself as a learner, considering each encounter as an opportunity to learn from masters in their respective fields. He has had the privilege of meeting numerous titans of business, performing artists, and political leaders during his travels.

Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong continues his Feng Shui consultancy journey across various countries worldwide, including communities of Vietnamese expatriates in Australia, the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, etc. In 2019, the LLC Tường Minh Company was established in Texas, USA, fulfilling its commitment to accompany the Vietnamese community in North America throughout their journey.



Established for 10 years, Tuong Minh Feng Shui aims to be the most reliable company, providing the best quality Feng Shui services in Vietnam. Alongside residential projects, our portfolio extends to large-scale projects such as resort developments, office buildings, factories, and ancestral homes spanning across the country.

Tuong Minh Feng Shui Academy, a subsidiary of Tuong Minh Feng Shui Company, was founded and led by Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong. Our academy takes pride in offering Feng Shui knowledge in the most scientific and authentic manner. Just like its name - "TUONG MINH" - we impart comprehensive Feng Shui knowledge inherited from world-renowned masters to our Feng Shui practitioners.

Our mission is to educate numerous generations of Feng Shui practitioners with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and virtues, accompanying the Vietnamese people on the path to prosperity.

Tường Minh Feng Shui Company proudly pioneers in providing warranty services for Feng Shui projects to our customers. We are also the first company to offer complete packages of Feng Shui services and destiny improvement to our clients.

Our services including naming, choosing auspicious dates, and consulting on Bazi (Eight Characters) have consistently affirmed the academic quality and excellence of our services over the years.

In recent years, Mao Shan Feng Shui artifacts have become the highlight of our services. Tường Minh meticulously studies the culture and secrets of Mao Shan to select the most standard mascot designs, perform the opening ceremony, and bring about the highest destiny improvement effects.

As the leading company in the field of Feng Shui, Tường Minh bears the responsibility of delivering accurate scientific Feng Shui knowledge to every Vietnamese person. We hope that each of us understands and distinguishes between scientific Feng Shui and superstitious beliefs, and we can apply our understanding of Feng Shui and Bát Tự to our daily lives for destiny improvement.



With over 10 years of experience implementing projects and providing architectural feng shui consultancy both domestically and internationally, Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong, along with the experienced team at Tường Minh Feng Shui Company, assures our clients of trust and satisfaction beyond expectations.

At Tường Minh Feng Shui LLC, our strength lies in imparting authentic knowledge to passionate learners who wish to apply Eastern scientific disciplines successfully in their lives. Regardless of the path you choose, we are committed to delivering core value knowledge derived from the teachings of our predecessors. We hope that our students will apply this knowledge with kindness and care to benefit themselves, their families, and society

1. Feng Shui consulting service

Consulting and Designing Feng Shui 

- Consulting on buying land, apartment, or business space.

- Consulting on choosing to buy or build a villa apartment—townhouse design consultation.

- Consulting on the design of industrial workshops and factories.

- Consulting on the construction and Feng Shui design of graves, sinh phần, and houses from the street.

- Consulting on Feng Shui design drawings for houses, hotels, resorts, companies, offices, and factories.

- Consulting on I - Ching and sowing hexagrams—predicting events according to Qi Men Dun Jia.

Physiognomy - Bazi

- Consulting Phrenology- Bazi for recruiting personnel for business enterprises, business partners.

- Analyzing Destiny Principles for HRM.

- Personality and career guidance for children using Phrenology

- Relationship advice & conflict resolution.

- Consultation on auspicious birth years for children.   

- Consultation on changing destiny according to Bazi.

Choose good Time

- Selecting wedding dates and times.

- Choosing birth dates and times for babies.

- Choosing dates and times for moving in, ground-breaking ceremonies, and home renovations.

- Selecting dates for grand openings, signing contracts, purchasing large assets, and vehicle blessings.

- Choosing dates for emigration, events, product launches abroad.

- Selecting dates and times for spiritual ceremonies: worshipping the Earth deity, the God of Wealth, the Kitchen God, ancestral altars, and burning incense.

- Choosing dates and times for Lunar New Year: auspicious dates and times for departing for the new year, housewarming, age of moving into new houses.

- Selecting dates and times for burials and cremations.

Name Consultation

- Consultation on Naming / Logo for Companies

- Consultation on Naming for Babies based on Bazi.

2. The service of unveiling auspicious points for feng shui products - Feng Shui Totems.

When dealing with Feng Shui Totem and items, meticulous attention must be given to their consecration, maintenance, and nurturing, as well as their unveiling to fully unleash their potential benefits.

At Tuong Minh Feng Shui, all totem and items are eye opening ceremony using the ancient Mao Shan Daoism. We were fortunate to have our teacher teach us the secret method of inviting Liu Haichan to surrender to Money Frog to increase luck and fortune that very few people know. If customers are interested in obtaining Feng Shui items/mascots that have been an eye opening ceremony by Tuong Minh, as well as learning how to care for and nurture the Money Frog for optimal effectiveness, please contact us.


3. Feng Shui Presentation - Feng Shui Speaker

Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong is a passionate researcher of Eastern cultural knowledge, particularly in the field of Feng Shui.

After years of in-depth research conducted abroad and collaborating with distinguished Feng Shui Masters, Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong has earned a prestigious reputation as one of the foremost Feng Shui authorities, along with introductory Feng Shui books such as Xuan Kong Flying Star, Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Chose Good Time,…

As a professional Feng Shui speaker, Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong has become a partner of many large corporations, such as ANGIA GROUP, Sala Garden, BIDV, Dat Xanh Real Estate Service Contructions Corp, La Queenara Hoi An.

Event at The Standard

Event online

Talkshow “Feng Shui Elements in Living Spaces” 


TMFS x Project La Queenara Hoi An 

Event Yin Mansion

4.  Feng Shui Academy

With the demand from many students aspiring to deepen their knowledge in Feng Shui to apply it in business and life, as well as to practice consulting and trading Feng Shui items, Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong along with the Tường Minh Feng Shui team have developed a training program ranging from basic to advanced levels. This program aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge of authentic Feng Shui.

Moreover, we also guarantee to provide core values of Feng Shui knowledge. I am transmitting it to you in the most transparent manner. Therefore, we also hope that learners will apply it in a sensible and cautious manner to benefit themselves, their families, and society.

Through each course, students will learn Feng Shui knowledge and bring many benefits to society, helping more people lead better, healthier, and happier lives through professional Feng Shui consulting and knowledge sharing.

The training courses at Tuong Minh Feng Shui include:

Date and Time Academy

Landform Academy

Three Harmony Academy

Flying Star Academy

Da Gua Academy

Liu Pha Academy

Dragon Gate Eight Formation Academy

Bazi Academy

Physiognomy Academy

Qi Men Jun Dia Academy

Daoism and Vajrayana Academy