khóa học nổi bật
When each of us is born with a certain capability and possesses different life paths, it influences the outcomes and achievements of individuals in life, known as Destiny. One's Destiny is their limit, no matter what they do, it remains constant. However, one's life is not just about Destiny. Destiny cannot be changed, but Fate can. When encountering favorable Fate, the journey to the destination becomes faster and smoother. When facing unfavorable Fate, the path to the destination is filled with challenges and obstacles. And the Bazi will help you achieve that. Originating from the rudimentary cradle of the Eight Characters discipline, Grand Master Nguyen Thanh Phuong has been transmitted valuable knowledge from leading Grand Masters in Asia such as Grand Master Stephen Skinner, Grand Master Raymond Lo, Grand Master Lưu Dục Tài, Professor - Master. Duong Kien Van.
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